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Main Concept:

DragonFly is a personal project, the main concept is about a multiple task drone.
With 3,2 meters tall, it can be operated by three ways:
By Ai.
By Remote Control.
Tripulated Driver.
With the quad articulated helix system it can achieve incredible handling and speed specs.
The DragonFly also have a ground locomotion system with helps a lot in landing aspects, with a high pressure suspension system.

Technical Information:
16,7k faces

- Body: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Articulations: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Helix: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Hatch: 1024x1024
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

Leandro calazans screenshot027


Leandro calazans screenshot026

Semi Isometric Front

Leandro calazans screenshot029


Leandro calazans screenshot030


Leandro calazans screenshot028

Semi Isometric Back

Leandro calazans corpo

Body - UV Maps

Leandro calazans extremidades

Articulations - UV Maps

Leandro calazans helice

Helix - UV Maps

Leandro calazans escotilha

Hatch - UV Maps