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Fixing its a personal artwork about a pose dummy, a shattered pose dummy and somebody trying to fix it inside a workshop.

Leandro calazans 1

Here we have a concept art, some things have changed at all but i've found a fine way to concrete my initial idea.

Leandro calazans 2

The main character of the scene, the early character was designed to look like he's crying, but i've decided that is unecessary and the look was adopted as a way to get a trick idea of life.

The original idea is a tribute for my friend Bruno

Leandro calazans 3

The Coffee Mug, a companion for the night workers. at the background you see the study books and a mounted dummy, showing that the human (a "hiden character") is specialized on fixing dummies

Leandro calazans 4

The Screw Pot, early was used to store food, when it end can be very handy to store little things like nuts and bolts.

Leandro calazans 5

The tools, a small tools for more delicated jobs. like fixing small things

Leandro calazans 6

The mounted character idea, i've used that model to illustrate the background. because we can't see it at the complete form, i decided to make an individual special render only for him.

Leandro calazans 7

The candles itselves make a rustic look, at night is usefull to read the instructions shown at the background and a magnifier used to look it more precisely.

Leandro calazans 8

The final scene is here. I hope you enjoy it.