Leandro calazans screenshot027
Leandro calazans screenshot026
Semi Isometric Front
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Leandro calazans screenshot030
Leandro calazans screenshot028
Semi Isometric Back
Leandro calazans corpo
Body - UV Maps
Leandro calazans extremidades
Articulations - UV Maps
Leandro calazans helice
Helix - UV Maps
Leandro calazans escotilha
Hatch - UV Maps

Main Concept:

DragonFly is a personal project, the main concept is about a multiple task drone.
With 3,2 meters tall, it can be operated by three ways:
By Ai.
By Remote Control.
Tripulated Driver.
With the quad articulated helix system it can achieve incredible handling and speed specs.
The DragonFly also have a ground locomotion system with helps a lot in landing aspects, with a high pressure suspension system.

Technical Information:
16,7k faces

- Body: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Articulations: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Helix: 4096x4096
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm

- Hatch: 1024x1024
.Albedo .Spec .Gloss .Occ .Norm